Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy endings do exist. I LURVE CHAIR!!!! :D I felt sorry for Nate nga lang. But oh well, he'd move on. hahah. :P


Last night, Hon and I watched Angels and Demons at Glorietta. Loved the movie. I just wished they didnt murder some of the imprtant scenes like the death of the Pope, the camerlengo's name and all that yada yada. Oh, and I wish Vittoria was hotter as Ive expected, but to no avail, she isnt. :P

Its Hon and I's THIRD Anniversary on Thursday. But we wouldnt be celebrating extravagantly. Marami pa namang years together. And we'll be making bawi next time. Maybe Bohol and Cebu? Basta. Pag may leave na ko at regular na kami. hehe.


And Kstin's here na! Im excited for Friday! :P

Muah! Visit yah soon! :D

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