Saturday, May 09, 2009

Not blogging for a week is Seriously.

Anyhoo, week three is okay I guess. Stayed the whole week in the office. Still no internet and email access. I missed going on official business outside the office. Kidding! hehehe. Well, some part of me does. :P But it has been a kind of long week.

We were supposed to go to the Makati Parade yesterday but then they postponed it due to the typhoon. I guess Mayor Binay got disappointed when the sun got up so high yesterday. I'm just not so sure if it'll push through again. Sayang.

Then we were all set for our boss' baby shower party, and it was rescheduled too. So crazy week indeed.


I am loving the Philippine Stock Exchange Building (a.k.a Tektite Tower). They held this Markdown Madness last week that made me buy this uber marked down shoes. Yay! I have a decent running shoes na and I didnt have to spend too much for it. :D

Yay Skechers will be strutting on Ultra sometime this week. :P

Dimple said that they hold sales like that now and then. I hope I'd have too much moolah when they hold one again. hahaha.

Tomorrow naman, we'll be at Mcdonald's El Pueblo for Ate Ana's daughter, Andi's first birthday! :D I couldnt be late. hahaha. Because when she was baptized, all of Hon's family were there already. Loser mode. hahaha. :P


I'm excited on the 22nd!!!! :) No, Im not a gimikera-type of girl but since K-stin specifically requested for Emba, then Emba we go.

... Even though I have like work the next day and will be requiring to get up at 6AM. hahahaha :P

I can do this. Mind over matter please. LOL.


I promise to update often, that is, if Im not busy with Pet Society and Plurk. hahaha. :P

So have to go now because I have to be early pa tomorrow. Muah!

Oh and Advance Happy Mother's Day to all Mommies!! :)

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