Sunday, May 03, 2009

Shempre, he won again. After 2 rounds?!? OMG. How about that. Manny is TEH MAN again. Proud of the Pinoys who bring honor to our country. Eat Manny's dust Hatton! hahaha :D

Okay, just blogged because I was ecstatic of his win. And for sure he earned big buckos again. So envious. I just hope he'll put it to good use. Correct? Anyhoo, I will be back doing my laundry. But first, isnt this just the cutest thing?

This is the only time I decided to take Chickie for a bath. She looks so groggy with all her feathers wet. hahaha. :P I wanna bring him tomorrow at the office and introduce her to Dimple and Miss Rose. Okay, that sounds crazy now. LOL.


I have to go now. Water's overflowing na. Smoochies! Team Pinoy! :D

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