Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Er..okay. I was Bitten

I joined one of Twilight groups in multiply and was overwhelmed with the number of merchandise they're selling. Twilight tumblers, shirts, mousepad, pins, caps, bags, SHOES!, and even perfumes. That was so totally unexpected. haha. So while at it, why not indulge eventually. lol. Oh, and I'm loving this picture. Bella is so hot! :D

(credits to EW for this photo)

Am not actually a big Bella supporter, but I really liked this photo. She even looks like a vampire here already. :D Buzz came out that the movie will be shown on November 26 instead of November 21. Wow Pilipinas. You really got me craving there. Oh well, like I can do something about it. hahaha.

(Hot guy, HOT ride. What more can you ever ask for?)

But I disagree with the people who hated Breaking Dawn. I know, its too fairy tale-y and all but younger generations are reading the book. Of course, it MUST appeal to its viewers.

I wanna change my layout from Queen B to to Bella and Edward. Oh, Lord, just please let me have the time. :D

Okay, I have to stop talking about Twilight already. Its getting me worked up again. :D


I have three articles due. Happy Happy Happy! No, not so happy about the loads of work, but happy to have lots to publish. Its an ULTIMATE dream for me. harhar.

I just have to finish them all today. Aww, I wish.


I have to go.




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