Sunday, May 28, 2006

Saturday fever

I am never really on blog leave. It's just that I've been really busy with work and sleeping. Yeah, I missed my bed, although I haven't really had the nicest sleep these past few days. Have been really confused with practically almost everything that's been happening in my life. Guess I haven't adjusted yet to the fast pace of the real world. Kaya rin siguro I miss school.

Watched Over the Hedge this afternoon. But was stupid to leave my fone in the office. Kaya pala Tita Chat asked me to text her when I left. Nakakainis lang kasi they should've given me my fone already instead of making me panic. Ang malala pa dun, i can't go back to the office since I'm already in Ortigas. Yeah, I'm gonna be fone-less again for two days. Shempre, walang tao sa office ng Sunday. Argh!

After the movie, I thought I was going to be soaked at the sight of the rain. Honestly, these are the times when you wish you have someone to cuddle up with. Oh well, I guess I'll just start dreaming.haha. Next week, Starcity naman. Haay, consecutive gimmicks every Saturday is really swell.=)

Gotta go catch sleep. Have huge pimple in my face due to stress. Nytienyt!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Da Vinci Hungover

I'm having hung-overs with the Da Vinci Code!

Last Saturday, this very great person treated me at Greenbelt to watch my most-awaited movie. So, who am I to decline the tempting offer right?

Hindi ako magiging spoiler. Basta maganda sha. Maganda yung cinematography, maganda yung storylines, magaling si Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. Waah! I can't get over it. I really do!

Went to Makati at night. It was fun because for the first time, I saw the lights, people and all. Yeah, Ngayon lang nabubuhay ang social life ko. Masarap din ang may pera.hehehe..I know. So cool! =)

Anyway, work is hectic nowadays. Had few screw-ups already but I'm coping up with it. I'm also getting bigger already because we always have lots of food in the office. It's just great that the people you work with are so willing to train you. Had teary-eyed days and all, but it doesn't matter now, I would really want to do good for the company.

Fiesta yesterday. Saw friends so I'm uber happy right now. Tita Pin and her family also went to stay here so I really had fun. I just wish my insides are as fun as my outsides.

Reality sucks. Haay, ito na naman ako. Everything's undecided and unfathomable. I just wish my dark path would clear up to my expectations. I just couldn't help it.

Gotta Sleep. Work tomorrow.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

stressed, crazed.

My day was quite chaotic (well if quite could be paired to chaotic.hehe). Made few mistakes that caused me to have the teary-eyed syndrome. Ok, I admit, I had my first tear shedding day at work because I'm stressed, confused and feeling hazy. But the best excuse I made was

"Sorry tita Chat, gutom lang po ako".

Well, it's really true naman no!

Will watch The Da Vinci Code tomorrow with a friend. Am really excited because I have read the book years ago and have been waiting for its release once I found out that Tom Hanks would play Robert Langdon and Audrey Tatou got Sophia's character. =)

Fiesta on Sunday. So excited. Gotta see bezzie and Jasmin there.

Oh and before I forget, congrats to Nina for giving birth last May 14. And welcome to Anna Victoria in this world. =) Your fairy godmother Ria will always be here for you, though I havent seen you yet. mwah to both of you! =)

Gotta go now. Have to sleep. Again, work and pleasure in one day. I can't get sleepy because I have to concentrate on the movie. hehehe.

God, I'm really confused. Don't ask, few are only chosen to know why.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

First Meeting.

During my internship at Times, I used to see editors having their storycon, though I'm not working in a publishing company, I kinda experienced my own storycon, only through a form of meeting. Ok so I don't know a thing about tourism and package tours, but I know how to advertise and further establish marketing for the agency. It's also great to know that some people are depending on you because you know some things that they don't. =)

Anyway, Sir MB talked about passion for work last night. I'm not sure if I have passion for my work. Well, I hope. =) I love writing, I love people, so maybe it's a criteria for having the job. But really, I'm trying to do my best in it. I even took the job home so that I could pass a better work for my boss.

Got my pay from my CITEM work today. Well, its a four day job so its kinda small. It was even frustrating because I have to leave my work to get the check, encash it to the bank and all. It was really stressful. Good thing MB isn't at the office yet, or else, I would just have a week's work and I'm gonna be fired or something.

My mom's in Galera today. I'm green with envy. Imagine her having to plan a vacation when she knows I can't come because of work. Nice! But she has all the right to enjoy since it's Mother's Day on Sunday and she deserves a break from her stressful kids.

O well. Have to go now. Needs rest. AND YEAH, I SO HEART YOU! <3

Monday, May 08, 2006

kiss me down by the broken tree house..

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Just finished watching The Princess Diaries. I so love the last scene, where Mia got her foot-popping kiss. I don't know if I'm ever allowed to say this, but I'm realy envious of her moment at the garden, with her dream guy and all. Of course, we should get over with our firsts, so I'm really hoping that the next time it'll happen to me, I mean like being kissed, it's really for it to happen somewhere special, like in the movie, it happened at the garden with the fountain and the flowers. But well, she's a princess. Lucky her.

Wah! Also watched the MTV Asia Awards feature on Bangkok and saw my then-favorite band, THE MOFFATTS. And what's more surprising is that there were just the two now (BOB and CLINT) and their new name is SAME SAME. Wow, I was just overwhelmed. And I wanna see DAVE! nyahahaha, Forever Fan!

So anyway, enough about that, I'm still ecstatic of the fact that I already have a job. Not that fancy, but I'm just happy to finally have one, and yeah, paycheck every month, earning and spending, saving for a new fone (and a much better one, say Motoslvr or that Nokia fone that you could twist) and yeah, more movie dates with myself and friends.

And that leads me to watching the The Da Vinci Code this 18th. I am that excited that when I see its trailer, my body's having goosebumps. I can't believe myself too. Today, I'm celebrating my One year and a month SINGLEHOOD. Yeah, I still remember that heartache. Hope he'd be happy in his country. Yes, I am banning you in the Philippines. Ha!

But I'm not bitter. I have moved on and happy with my life. I guess in through my heartaches, I am learning to love myself more. And happily giving others a chance in proving that love could still happen. Ok, I'm already being sappy. My friend told me last night that I'm insensitive. I just want to clear to you that I'm not like that. I just don't wanna complicate things especially if I know that it's doing fine. And yeah, I know I yield to some things that would make me happy, it's just that in my situation right now, I'm not sure what would really happen. Remember, its like a long distance relationship but its not long distance and definitely not a relationship. You were right when you said that "like" is the only thing left for me. It sucks, but I don't know where the heck I'm getting the energy to go through with it. Maybe faith, faith in someone, and faith in second chances. Now I'm gonna cry...

Well we just have to learn to deal with things and add love and patience.
Ciao! Work day! (^____^)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

job love.

Finally snagged a job. It was surprising because I didn't know that I'm gonna start this afternoon. Kung alam lang namin eh di nagcelebrate na nanay ko! But anyway, now I'm a PR assistant in a travel agency. I'm obsessed with the desk and the work, I wanna marry it. Just kidding, like I would really do that. So anyway, the travel co. specializes on Pilgrimage Tours. So I think I got in because I graduated from UST and ICAM, both Catholic Schools and with the help of my sample works, Voila, instant job! And yeah, the interview was okay, though our boss told me I look sixteen. =)

But I'm really caught up with the fact that I saw Manila Times and passed my resume there at the last Job Fair we've been to. I mean, I wished that I have the bigger chance to work there since I had my internship at that company. Oh and yeah, I saw Sir Rome at the travel agency. Funny but small world. And at that moment, I kinda missed working for a newspaper, the deadlines, the pressure, Miss Tessa's freebies and even the people. it's not that I don't want to work for PR at Adam's, but then, i just missed the feeling of working in a paper, that's all.

I guess my mistake was that I didn't go to Times earlier or something. I just hesitated because they have a journalism school and would probably hire from their graduates. oh wel


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