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When in Ortigas, I always look for new foodie finds, because I feel as if there aren't much at the area. Last year, I kept on seeing this place where that has a huge statue of a Japanese man standing in front of the restaurant. Little did I know, it was a Sumo Wrestler that represents SEKITORI, the newest "authentic Japanese restaurant" that makes you feel as if you are in Japan.

I saw my friend the day after our visit to Sekitori and she said thought I was in Japan that time. Little did she know, Sekitori is located at Hanston Square Building at 17 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City. Entering this place, it is my preparation for when I go to Japan this year. So I hope that I could finally realize that dream this early. 

For appetizers, we first had the Sashimi Nihon Chokuso Mori. This beautiful array of fresh fish is presented on a wooden ship and it is definitely a feast, both on taste and the eyes. They have tuna, blue fin and all the freshest fish and sashimi. 

Next, we had the Spicy Salmon Salad. Rather popular in the country, this salad has no mayonnaise dressing, so you can fully enjoy the sumptuous taste of salmon almost melting in your mouth. 

Sushi time! We had the Salmon Lovers Maki and the Special California Maki on our plate. These two fusion sushi both has salmon in it. The Salmon Lovers Maki has shrimp tempura as filling for the sushi roll and topped with salmon sashimi. The Special California Maki has cucumbers, mangoes, crab sticks and avocado with Salmon Roe and caviar. What I noticed is that they are very generous when it comes to the serving size. This will definitely make me go back to this place. 

If you love tuna as well, they have the Hon-Maguro Oo-Toro Nigiri Sushi. This superlative tuna from Japan is the portion of the belly that is near to its head, it's so soft it melts in your mouth. 

Have you ever seen such a pretty presentation? This is the Iridori Sakizuke Nana-shu Mori - seven types o of the dishes to be served. Prepared with so much attention to detail, this also consists of different fish and seafood choices of appetizers in one setting. This is supposed to have a beautiful presentation to raise anticipation for the next dishes. 

 As to what I call, "fish feast", Sekitori also served the Salmon Nanban Teriyaki Fu, Lapu-Lapu no Nitsuke and the Karasu Karei No Saikyou Yaki. The Salmon Nanban Teriyaki-Fu would be one of my favorites because it's sweet and healthy at the same time. The Lapu-Lapu no Nitsuke is a boiled dish (where you cannot fathom its fishy smell) cooked in a soy sauce based sweetened soup. It is sweet and spicy at the same time. On the other hand, Karasu Karei No Saikyou Yaki is a Hokkaido specialty - Karasu Karei (Greenland Halibut) with firm meat and marinated for several hours in a paste of sweet white miso from Kyoto. 

What they call the lunch for Sumo Wrestlers, the Sekitori Chanko Nabe is the restaurant's specialty. It is a special hotpot consists with pork and meat bone, chicken meat and dozens of assorted vegetables cooked for five hours. This very healthy meal is perfect for the body and this will satisfy your hefty appetite.

If you want more healthy choices, you can order the Yasai no Kyo-fu Taki Awase - a dish of simmered vegetables, decoratively carved in Japanese style. They also have Uni Iri Chawang Mushi, a mixture of chicken egg with flavored stock, putting in a cup with fish, chicken meat and vegetables. They also add fresh sea urchin meat on top of soy sauce to add more flavor. 

For our finale main dish, we had the Shinshu Premium Beef Steak. This is the highest ranking Wa-gyu A5 Beef and from Shinshu Nagano Prefecture. It is served rare so you can adjust it to your liking with the hot plate. 

And lastly, I believe all desserts should look as pretty as the Assorted Japanese Sweets. This seasonal traditional sweets are made from the Sakura Blossom - as it is presently Spring in Japan. It consists of Sakura Mochi, wrapped with Sakura leaf pickled in salt, while the other is Sakura crystals containing Sakura bean paste. 

A little history about Sekitori, it is founded by Mr. Seto Masakazu, a former Sumo Wrestler in Japan. Aside from Sekitori Ortigas, he also the owner of Sekitori Restaurant in Makati and the Japanese Fastfood Shop, J.BOY.

I love the interiors, the vibe and feel of Sekitori Authentic Japanese Restaurant. It feels as if you're in Japan, when in real life, it's a few steps away from my office. To know more about Sekitori, you may visit their website at

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