Monday, February 20, 2012

One Night Stand, Friends with Benefits or harsh, FuBu - Its the ultimate dream for guys. The possibility of hopping from one bed to another without frills, and definitely minus the drama. But what if the feelings were involved, would you trade everything you've worked for just for love? Star Cinema presents its Valentine offering with Unofficially Yours, topbilling the country's rom-com king John Lloyd Cruz as Mackie, a dentist-turned-writer and their hottest box-office queen, Angel Locsin as Ces, his mentor and journalist.

The movie spells S-E-X. Ces is perfect in her vixen role as she gets into a fubu relationship with Mackie. But as he was into long-term relationships (and not so good at it), he enters the crazy set up otherwise, hoping that she might fall in love with him eventually. 

But as their set-up gets more serious, with her meeting his family and feeling insecure that their relationship is without definition, Ces was determined to go Singapore to pursue her career goals sans the possibility of falling in love again. She pushed Mackie again by telling him that she couldn't bear love someone because of a very complicated past named Vince (played by Patrick Garcia)

Unofficially Yours deserves a five-star rating. Not just because of its not-so-complicated storyline, but the actors would make you feel light right from the beginning scene. They have this extremely adorable chemistry together. John Lloyd makes you feel like a teenager again with his killer pickup lines. Like the one where he's looking for inspiration and then telling Angel he found it already then typed on his computer, or when he sang that very cheesy song while Angel woke up from slumber. I felt for Angel's character when she was telling her story about her ex, maybe because at some point, we lose ourselves in a relationship that we feel like there's nothing more we can give back to the next one. 

Tetchie Agbayani's comeback also made a superb significance during the film. She knows she's not a good mother, given that she falls for the wrong guys, but she anticipated the scene where Angel would come up to her and doing the same thing when she geta broken hearted. Panying was a natural. She's just there for the laugh but her role gets funnier just by looking at her. I also felt happy that one of my models during the  Samsung Punch x Forever 21 event, Edgar Allan Guzman was also there. Scenes to look out for: Angel's serenade, John Lloyd confronting Patrick and their over-the-top racy sex scene.

In a Facebook defined world, will anyone survive an "its complicated" relationship like Mackie and Ces? See the newest Cathy Garcia Molina masterpiece now and fall in love with these characters over and over again.

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