Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Nuffnang,

Happy Happy 5th Birthday to you! I hope your birthday is as fun as the parties and events you throw for us. Over the years, I thought that you're just another partner to my blog. But you proved me wrong. You brought colors to my blog that I never thought possible. Your ads may be just another filler for my blog's spaces, but proved its worth when your partners gave us something to attend to.

The "HERS" in the His and Hers Tommy Hilfiger scent that I won!

Years ago, I wasn't lucky to win anything when it comes to contests. Nuffnang was my lucky charm. I'm not sure what magic powers it gave me, but since I won during their DKNY and also Tommy Hilfiger contest, it boosted my confidence and won me prizes more often. I just wish I could win their major prizes too :)

Aside from prizes, Nuffnang also gave me the chance to watch blockbuster movies before they are even aired nationwide. I've attended the screening of X-Men First Class, Cowboys and Aliens and Transformers Dark of the Moon....FOR FREE! 

I saw Cowboys, Aliens and Dancing Pizza Hut delivery boys!
Even my brother was so happy that I brought him to the Transformers 3 Screening!
So for your five years of never-ending fun, I wish you Nuffnang a Happy, Happy Birthday! In the years to come, may you provide us bloggers with more exciting events, great prizes and more revenues (and ads) by writing. 

Much love,

Ria Hazel :)

The Nuffnang Party is brought to us by their loving sponsors, stated above :)


Happy Birthday Nuffnang!


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