Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last year, my former boss went on and on about trying Happy Lemon's Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese (Large Php90). But as the Greenhills Branch was always packed, I never got to trying it. Thank goodness that they opened the SM Megamall and Trinoma stores this year, I was no longer a Happy Lemon virgin, and I must say I'm loving their teas more than ever!

I wanted to try every milk tea place just so I could know if they taste the same or a certain specialty is worth the buy. What I love about Happy Lemon is their uniques flavors and not-so-ordinary sinkers. My favorite would be the Milk Tea with OREO Cookies and Cream (Large Php100). Yes, Cookies and Cream arent just for ice cream, theyre also perfect for milk tea, and this deserves a 10/10 rating :)

Happy Lemon also serves hot drinks like their Lemon Black Tea (Hot Php70), Matcha with Malt (Hot Php95), Cocoa with Pudding (Hot Php95) Deluxe Milk Tea with Pudding (Hot Php110). These flavors also come with cold drinks.

They have at least 40 flavors and I wanna try them all! :) Happy Lemon Branches are located at Greenhills Promenade, Eastwood Mall, Powerplant Mall, 4/F Trinoma Mall (Near Timezone) and 3/F SM Megamall Bldg. A.


Bummer, when I went there to try the Coffee with Rock Salt & cheese they were out of it. They must've been selling a ton of the stuff. XD I'm gonna go back soon, hopefully they have it! I want to try the Oreo one too.


i haven't tried it! :( but i like Chatime & Gong Cha!


I super love Happy Lemon!!


The Oreo cookies and cream are good :) I'm not that sure about the other flavors though :)


I also love Gong Cha's wintermelon. As for Chatime, their Taro's great :) Try Happy Lemon too, super sarap niya :)


me too! :)


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