Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The morning before the Feiyue launch, Earth informed me that I would be going to Opus to cover the event. I gladly took the invite since I won’t be going anywhere else that day and the boyfriend is out of town. But afterwards, I forgot that I don’t have extra clothes with me and since I have work during the day, I am again, in my uniform.

Good thing I brought the lovey dovey coat that day. And the girly coat magically transforms to a dress. This was a gift from a friend overseas so I’m not sure what the brand is. My beige bag is from Forever 21 and Slap Watch is from Freestyle Ballers.

Thank God for coats like these! :) How about you? Did you have a cover-up coat that you transformed into a full outfit too? :)


The coat is really adorbs! :)


Kulang ng magnifying glass! :D


@Gellie: Thanks! :)

@Helen: Would a flashlight count? LOL


Thanks Mar! The coat is <3


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