Monday, November 14, 2011

The covering begins!
 When it comes to my planner and journals, I must say that I am an obsessive compulsive freak. Seriously! The fact that I have a planner (and I bring it EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE!) says a lot about my OCD. I even use colored pens in every page and try to be as creative as possible.

So just like last year, the minute I got hold of my BDJ planner, I have already thought of covering it since I wanted its form to remain intact. See I’m also clumsy like that. :)

See how it easily sticks to your planner? :)

From one of the stores in Metropoint Mall at Taft Avenue, I spotted this Kitchen Wall cover and noticed how cute the design was. Last year, I bought a same kitchen cover but at Saizen, Trinoma and the designs were limited to polka dots. At Daiso, you could even spot a Hello Kitty design. And yes, I must say that I scoured every store for the perfect planner cover. So back to my DIY, the kitchen cover’s back portion is adhesive that I only have to tape the sheet onto my planner.

Since it sticks into the surface, you just have to cut the sides and prevent using the messy tapes that show around when you put them (except when you use invisible tapes like Scotch :) ) So after a few cuts and snips, your planner did not just get prettier, but now has the protection it deserves.

Finished product!
How about you? How do you cover your planners/ journals? Share some tips here and stores that has cool designs like the one I covered mine :)


aww ur also OC? ditto! loved the design of your planner! :)


The kitchen covers really seem useful and easy-to-use! My three BDJ planners (2010 to present) were all covered by my boyfriend just because I couldn't figure out how to cover the planners "perfectly". :(


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