Fashion Forward with Feiyue Sneakers in the Philippines

Feiyue in Chinese means "Flying Forward"
During one of my shopping sessions with the boyfriend, he asked why I would buy more shoes instead of clothes. Then my usual answer came: My shoe size doesn’t embarrass me, whenever I fit on clothes, they’re usually not in my size that I end up being disappointed after trying them on. But with shoes, it doesn’t matter if I’m in a Large or XL, these size 6 footsies always remain that way. And because I am at ease with shoes, Euro footwear, Feiyue Sneakers are now here in the Philippine shores to bring style and comfort to those who would wear them.

Feiyue's History Wall
Feiyue (pronounced as fei-yu-e) was launched at Opus Bar in Resorts World Manila last October 13 and introduces its newest collection for shoe lovers like myself. Made from Europe, three Frenchmen revived the concept of these sneakers and made the design better and more hip. In February 2006, they launched the Feiyue Lo Classic in 3 colorways and the rest, as we say, is history.

Viral Video: Attack of the Werewolf
The year after 2006, Feiyue had its first global collaboration with Celine that fuses haute couture with urban culture. 2007 also marks its global expansion to 14 countries worldwide. Presently, Feiyue goes viral with its new ad, the “Attack of the Werewolf”, inspired by Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. During the Philippine launch, the ending was shown to us, inside the dark room while holding our flashlights.

The models with the Feiyue Sneakers
After the video, the models started showcasing Feiyue shoes for us to choose from. Even in my coat, I wanted to wear one since it looks comfortable and fun. The different designs, (even if they look like they were designed for boys) are unisex and girls can also wear them in their size.

Having fun with Feiyue
Feiyue is available at Shoe Salon in different style and colors. They’re perfect for your Dad or boyfriend this Christmas. Or in my case, my Christmas gift to myself. :)

Thanks to Earth of for letting me cover this event and Ms. Mitzi Dayrit for the invite to this cool launch.

Here are the other pictures during the event:

The cool bar at stage
With blogger friends :)

Booze at Opus

I so want this pink Feiyue Sneakers!

Feiyue for boys

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  1. Do you know what their biggest size for men is? Also, I live near ATC. Can I have the laser tag GCs? Hehehe.

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  2. Hi Angel! :) Im not sure eh. Siguro 12 or bigger? the promo girl just told me they have womens sizes :)

    I'll try muna sa Market Market if the GC's will do ha :) My friend's really bugging me kasi to play laser tag and I just want to fulfill it for her :)) But if ATC talaga, I'll let you know :)

  3. Having one dim headlight feiyue shoes and one red rear feiyue shoes sale light just doesn't do it, you cannot be seen.

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