Thursday, September 08, 2011

I've always loved Julia Roberts' movies. And when the boyfriend and I had dinner at Culinary Out Kast (C.O.K) at Banawe, I felt as if I'm breathing her two movies that night, Notting Hill (because of the books)and Eat, Pray, Love (because of the food!). You see, C.O.K. is not your ordinary type of restaurant, maybe because there's lots of things you can do there besides eating.

Located at 1037 Banawe St. Quezon City, the restaurant interests me because I was craving for pasta that day and turning from C-3, a huge Pasta and Pizza sign waved at me. It was already quarter before nine and I was just glad that they are still open, I never thought that I would have a great time going there.

Why is it not-so-ordinary? The whole place is packed with books and other reading materials. Since I am a huge fan of books, I became a fan of their creative concept. They even have this huge LCD TV and I was informed after that they even hold movie nights there. Imagine bringing the whole family with entertainment and food in one sitting. Feels just like home. :)

Their Menu is divided to: Starters, Soups, Salads, Burgers, Protein and Carbs, Surf and Turf, Served with Eggs, Pasta, Pizza, Not Your Ordinary Pasta, Sweet Pasta & Sweet Pizza, Served in Budles and Desserts. I have to come back and try their other intriguing dishes like Adobo Pasta, White Sisig Pasta, Coconut Seafood Pasta, Chocolate Spaghetti or Berry Choco Pizza. I wonder what these might taste like.

The boyfriend and I ordered Bundle for 2 (Php388) which consists 1L Pasta, 1 Pizza, 1 dessert, 2 glasses Iced Tea.

For the Pasta, we ordered the Chicken Pesto. The taste, Superb. Plus I loved the fact that its healthy. I just hope the serving could be bigger. Or maybe were just used to huge platters of pasta. :)

I next ordered the Pepperoni Pizza. I loved how thin the crust is. The serving is also huge. And because I am such a huge fan of pepperoni, the boyfriend made me eat them all and enjoyed it with gusto. :)

Now I'm not sure what our dessert was but this muffin is really delicious with the chocolate. But anyway, all chocolates are good enough for me (except for Butterfingers, bleh!)

I can't wait to visit C.O.K again. I hope I can catch their movie night too. I'm sure that would be exciting. Books and food are a perfect combination especially when youre with the loved one. You can visit Culinary Out Kast Co.'s Facebook Page to check their menu and other promos.  

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