Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sweet - that's how I always wanted to be perceived by everyone. And even in beauty products and fragrances, it is important for me to smell as sweet as I could be. That's why I am loving ORLY's Sweet Sheer Radiance Hand and Body Lotion.

Sheer Radiance comes in four variants: Sweet, Luminous, Fresh and Vibrant. All for the love of pink, I chose Sweet also because it is made with extracts of passion fruit and orange along with aloe and chamomile. And as we all know, chamomile soothes the nerves and calms the senses.

I am in all PRO with this product because it doesn't make you feel sticky after applying on your skin. I am recommending you use it before bedtime or after a hard day's work. I specifically use it after typing to soothe my hands.

ORLY Sweet Sheer Radiance is available at any ORLY booth in leading department stores.


Cutie lotion. I love sweet scents too! :)


Orly have lotion pala, akala ko nail polish line lang meron sila :)


@Helen: Me too! Actually, most of my lotions are gifts. Or from BDJ :))

@Glenn: Yup! They have a whole line of hand, foot and body care :)


@Ria: Nice one. Ako naman most of my lotions are prizes. Career! :)) Haha


is the scent too sweet? might try to look for this! trip lang for ORLY stuff:))


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