Monday, September 05, 2011

A PINK Badminton from the boyfriend
I feel so blessed! My birthday was all sorts of fun and exciting. If I had only known that the people I love would exert all the effort for that day, I wouldn't have dreaded becoming 26. Though in my heart, I would be forever 21 :))

Jeff and I have only been together for a year and four months, but he's already known all the best of me. I guess I kind of opened up to him everything about me because we were total strangers when we first met each other. And although most part of my life consists of being a lovestruck naive girl, he never grew tired of listening to my stories, no matter how much of a bore they were. That is why I super loved his gift - a PINK Yonex Muscle Power 2 Badminton racket, because I keep on complaining that I needed to lose weight. And now, I need to double up on my the workout because the holidays are fast approaching once again.

You know how Jeff knows what I really want? He made the saleslady put a pink rubber grip on the handle :) Some guys would just rather leave it as is, but he always does something a bit personal. Like my birthday last year, he gave me 8 things - simple things - that I love and how he put on some thought about all of them.  

All PINK for this princess :)

These cuties are from my BFF Mench. I just love how sweet they all smell. She said I shouldn't use it pa daw. I asked her if she's kidding me :P I'm gonna miss her when she moves out of the office. But hey, there's  a greater opportunity for her in the other bank, so who am I to hinder her? Besides, I might be following her or some sorts if luck's with me. :) 

So now, I'm not dreading to be a year older. I guess that's what I have to accept from now on. But hey, a lot is in store for me in the coming months. And I can't wait for the Bohol trip next year. (And maybe Palawan too, if By's family would include me too!)

It's Monday again everyone! How many weeks and its Christmas again! Have a happy week ahead! :)


Di halata na gusto mo yung pink! Haha! Happy birthday ulit. Glad to hear that you had a great one! >:D<


happy birthday again sweetie!


@Helen: hindi talaga! Ayaw ko sa pink! hehehe. Thanks dear. See you on the 17th :))

@wickeRmoss: Thanks sweets. :) You'll be at the Blogapalooza too right? Maybe we can meet there :))


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