Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last week was a very gray week for us. We managed to have the biggest blowup ever. And the funny this is, it was the pettiest of them all. I know that the storm is not that over yet because there may be some snippets that were left off us, but we both decided to survive...because we so so love each other. :)

We have been together for just one month but he can already list the things that I love, I hate, my quirks and my facial expressions. So when he asked me why I love him, I told him that I would just write it because he knows I'm not so good in speeches like these..So here goes...

1. I love him because he never fails to make me smile.

I know that we have a love-hate relationship when he teases me, but I'm getting used to it. He drops jokes like "Rakista ka ba? Because you rock my world! " and all those corny stuff. He also mimics people who have funny voices and it always make me laugh real hard.

2. I love him because he cares.. so much

When we began dating, he makes sure to get me home safe. That I'm dragging him to go to Ortigas to Tondo, via EDSA, the busiest street in the Philippines. When I was feeling really sick, he insisted to drive me home, have dinner and all that. When we went to Ilocos, he never hesitated to go to my work, help me get home, then get me to the terminal station. Oh and the drama before that. But he never gave up no matter how complicated my world is looking.

3. I love him because he never hid me to his friends

Hindi pa kami, he already introduced me to Che Che, his high school bestfriend. I met his sister and his college friends too. I know that I'm a brat most of the time but I saw how proud he is to introduce me to them. I remember one time when my lips looked like a turtle but he insisted I go with him and his friends to Antipolo.

4. His devil-may-care attitude

People might see him getting too soft when it comes to me, but he doesnt care. He might be doing too much PDA but he's not scared to show how he feels. Even with his Mom, he would reason out "Parang 'di ka naman na-inlove" when he wanted to see me even for an hour or so.

5. How he's so protective of everyone

Tumingin lang ng masama yung katabi niya, he'd get so worked up and ready to fight already. Not that I encourage him to get into trouble with anyone, but he wouldnt get a fly to hurt you too. He would take you home, in front of your doorstep, if its really possible, because he wants you to always be safe. He's actually a John Lloyd Cruz in training. The way he'd encourage you and say "Ingat" all the time. :P

6. How he does his public display of affection

I have always loved mushy stuff and mushy texts, but despite of how my boyfriend looks like, tough and all, he is all mushy inside. He'll kiss you in front of your friends, and in front of his friends and that makes me melt. All the time. Even Rio said that she's so happy that he's so smitten with me. He gives hugs like there's no tomorrow and kisses as if we haven't seen each other for years.

7. He understands when I look at him

I have this very expressive glare. And it usually mean a lot of things, from sad to mad, to saying what I'm seeing is weird, and all that. I remember one How I Met Your Mother episode when the five characters glare at each other and couldn't coincide to what the other is saying, but when it comes to us, he'd know instantly. He knows if I wanna be saved or if he needs to stop his taunting just by looking at me.

8. He understands. Period.

I trip, I play games, I'm cryptic and I'm weird most of the time. But he understands without any hesitation. Never did he judge that I needed to be with my friends no matter how weird it might look like or if I eat too much when I'm mad. Or should I need to comment on every issue there is.

9. He lets me be me

I am girly, and I love pink and all cutesy stuff. I love wearing dresses and he never stopped me from doing so. He doesn't care if I look fat or if I look twelve when I'm already twenty-four, but as long as I'm happy, he supports it.

10. He sings!!! :)

When I was younger, I fell in love with a guy who belts out a mean Mariah Carey tune, naturally. When I found out from Shang that he knows how to sing, I was hooked. I wanted to hear him sing. He even play drums. I don't like rock, but I love a guy who can rock my world :P

11. He loves my friends and they all love him back

When Shang introduced him to me, I thought that he must be someone so nice that it took her to build him up. Because Shang is someone who knew what I've been through, she knows who's gonna be good to me. After letting him meet almost all my friends, the feedback is mutual, THEY ALL LOVE HIM. When we fought, Mench sided with him. When they tried teasing me, Miss Che joined him without any hesitation. Karch and Rio thinks he's great and he's a good guy for me. And I do agree. :)

12. He isn't afraid to cry, gets all sensitive and cheesy

When we saw Date Night, I asked him "What's our story?" He explained the day one until the day we finally discovered our feeling for each other. He's all tough on the outside but he's cheesy and sensitive. And he isnt afraid to show you that he is.

13. How he does the extra miles and doing well on it

One of the things I admired about him is his discipline on almost all things. He managed to keep his grades up when he was in college because he wanted to prove everyone that he could pull off being the dean's lister, he went abroad to arrange what was broken with him and went home making everyone in his family proud, he's so responsible and he has plans that you know will surely come true because he's working hard for it. He doesn't brag his achievements so I would do all the bragging instead. :P

14. His smile makes me melt

I know that when I look at him or when were together, his face lights up like a lamp post. But what he didn't know is that when he smiles at me, I feel as if I'm the prettiest girl in the world. When he looks at me, I feel as if I'm the only girl amidst the crowd. When he hugs me, I feel butterflies and rainbows. Weird but true.

15. How he loves his Mom and sister and other female friends

They say that you would know how good is a guy when he treats the girls around him well. His Mom and him are so close and I am actually envious of that, because even I, am not that close with my Mom. When I met Jen, his sister, they were like best friends. And when I met his female friends, they all treat him as their older brother. He even took Mench home when it was too late for her to commute. And that is just the sweetest. :)

16. How he gets along with my family.

If I am crazy, I can say that my family is more of that. They have too much opinion and they do weird things that even I couldnt understand. But last fiesta, he got along with everyone, even with my grandma. He talks with my brother online about basketball. He doesn't mope around and not knowing everyone in my life. And my Mom never complained anything about him. Now that's a first. :P

17. He puts my heart back to pieces.

When I met him, he knew that I was still on the process of healing myself. I wanted to be sure of the next guy who comes into my life because I couldn't bear another heartache. I needed to assure myself that I'm ready to immerse myself in yet another relationship. When he told me that I should make a risk, I felt that I needed to jump with him. And he never wronged me for my decision. He shattered what I was afraid of. He made me believe that I could trust someone again. And he didn't give me reasons not to trust him.

18. He loves me for whoever I am

When I thought no one could ever accept me again, he did so, wholeheartedly. When I feel small, he looks up to me. When I feel sad for the littlest things, he makes me smile in any way he could. When I lost myself, he loved me even in my worst self. He loved me more than I could ever love myself. He doesn't care about my faults but accepted it more. I never gave him reasons for him to love me, but he did. And even if I tried pushing him away, he still loved me.

I know that all these could not compare to his love for me. I said things I never meant to say. We might misunderstood each other sometimes, but there are things that I just couldnt give up and he's the top of that list. He might show his love more than I could do, but even this early, I could say that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. More than ever, I have found my happiness with him.

I love you so much my MJ! Thanks for every single thing that you do. :D

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