Monday, May 24, 2010

And I'm always missing the beach

It has been twenty four hours since I left the vacation that was Puerto Galera. Funny that its my third time to go there and feel as if it still foreign to me. And everytime I go there, good things happen.

Island Hopping at its best...

Since its our monthsary, MJ and I decided to celebrate it there. We pushed for the trip to happen even though were both going to be busy with me and the new boss and him going back to teaching and back to school for his grad school studies. I needed a break from the hustle and bustle of my new work description so with Karch and friends, we went.

Beach bums and the boat

Departed at Taft Avenue by 7:30AM. Arrived at the Batangas port at 9:00AM. We boarded via FSL Ferry by 10AM and got to the White Beach at 11:30. Bangera Inn was so nice. It was affordable and the place looks good at the same time. Their rooms are comfortable but they don't have a wi-fi access though. But thinking about it, its nice to unplug from Facebook and other sites once in a while. I finally had my much needed rest, thank you very much. :D

The last time Ive been here was 2008 with my former officemates. And while it was fun with them, I felt a huge difference among my friends and the one I'm with that time. I feel as if I had to play bridge between the storms. But this time, I was happy. I just needed to be myself, play like a kid, see the sights, discover what's hidden in this place. And just pure bliss.

My favorite lovebirds at Puerto Galera: Karch and Jet

I played with the fishes, and it was a natural high. Bam and Rio keeps on giving me bread to feed them so they would come near me. I also saw 5 starfishes. Now I wish I could live near the beach. I think that would be a realization of the dream I once had when I was younger. :)

After snorkeling, we had a very interesting boat ride. Rio keeps doing interviews with MJ about the two of us. She and Karch would respond the longest "awwwww" everytime he tells about how me met, how our first date went, or how he insists on winning me. And sometimes, I'm not sure what I did to deserve that. It was written? Well, maybe. But I'm really happy. He gets along with all my friends, my family likes him a lot and that's all I need. I could not ask for more.


Went back to White Beach at 6PM. Thankfully, Puerto Galera isnt as crowded as I expected so we hang out for a few minutes to swim some more. Then we had dinner, just the two of us and had a feast with kabab and sisig. The night scene at Galera is interesting. Firedancers are all over the place so it was a Party Saturday. But I was so full that I couldnt get up to join Karch and the gang for a round of drinking and partying.

Vacation's over! :(

Come morning, we had breakfast near the place we stayed. I wanted to soak at the beach some more but he didn't want to anymore. I couldnt ask Karch naman because they were all still asleep. We just strolled around and bought souvenirs for families.

Happiest Summer of all! :)

Our boat was booked at 2:30PM but Karch and the gang was scheduled at 12:30. So we asked FSL if we could join the 12PM ride if the ferry isn't full yet. Good thing, they agreed. So we were at Manila early enough to go to Shang's house. :)

Overall, the trip was fun, somehow therapeutic for me because I wasn't put through stress and By made it all possible for me to be so happy. My friends are the coolest! Next stop, Boracay! Or Hongkong with him daw to celebrate our first year in 2011. Life seems so perfect. And I'm definitely loving it, especially on my most favorite season on Earth :D

Happy remaining days of summer! Hope you all had a fun summer too.

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