Friday, May 21, 2010

Clearly, she doesn't know the way here

I feel as if my life has been just like Blair's. Full of drama. Struggling her way up because she needs to survive to get what she wants. And lately, my work has been full of drama. And even though I wanted to get out of it immediately, it seems like things have been turning up the other way around.

For so many years, I have been the type of person who so love her work. If I have been married to somebody for four years, you could say that it has solely been my job. I have been burnt out, experienced, tested by time, worked for more than I bargained for, so in the end, my bosses have applauded my patience, effort and talent...until today.

I met the Miss Carr of my life. Miss Carr to Blair Waldorf is someone meek and shy, but pounds silently. She talks to you as if she's saving you, but she actually isn't. She makes your life hell without you even knowing it. And the worst part it, she sells you out and leaves you all powerless.

I promised myself that I would not go down to Miss Carr's level. In fact, I'll show her how its done here. I'll make her see that I have the values that were taught by my previous bosses. That patience and integrity are part of my game plan.

Now I know why they say you cannot have everything in this life. Maybe this is the year for my love life, but not in my career. I have been wanting to give up most of the time, but I know that it isn't in my nature to do so. :P


Someone is having a blooming lovelife, and it happens to be moi. *grins*

His love's my drug :P

Celebrating our first month is a happy, happy event. After all the hurt, I never really thought that I could pick up the pieces and open my heart up again. I now found someone I could trust, and never gave me reasons not to trust him. Someone who laid all the cards and showed who he really is. My best friend, Carmela says it seems too soon for me to find someone, but then again, I look happy. And frankly, I feel ecstatic everyday, as if I've been never hurt before.

To think of it, I could've been celebrating what should have been four years this very day. Honestly, I could never really forget him. Even MJ says that he will always be in my system, but the insanity has to stop. And my life now is better than ever.

I just realized lately that what's bound to happen, will happen. He was with her for seven years, I was with someone for three years, They didnt end up together, I never realized the turn of events in my life. Hence, my baby and I are just waiting for our time for our worlds to meet.

And now, I could proudly say that it was worth the wait.

Its Hello Galera for me again...

Post-monthsary celebration at Puerto Galera with him and my friends tomorrow! Tagaytay hopefully next week but its Red and Sir Melan's wedding so I couldn't go with him and his friends. I miss Cam and the gang already. :P

Last hurrah before the summer ends. Hello Beach! :D

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