Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I can't believe how time flies so fast. Not more than two months ago, I was yapping about how I survived our first date and being so hesitant about meeting him. But now, we survived our first month as a couple, and I couldnt be more happier. :)

For the past thirty days, we've managed to feel like the couple who has been together for the longest time. Sometimes, we talk as if weve been married for a number of years. We fight like dogs and cats. Well, I'm a brat most of the time while he stays silent. Or his day's never complete without teasing me, while I, the biggest pikon of all, sulks instead. But thankfully, its day one to the second month now. I also introduced him to my Mom and the family. As expected, their first impression was "Ria, Chinese na naman?" But I think they all love him. He's been friends with my brother, they talk about their favorite basketball team and players. We've been meeting up with friends and they all had nice things to say about him.

Seriously now, I wanted to thank him for putting up with me. For putting my heart back into pieces, for understanding my quirks, for accepting even the worst of me, never leaving me even in the darkest of my days, making sure I'm home safe when I'm getting home late, being there when I needed someone to talk to, and above all, loving me more than I could ever love myself. I know that we have a long road ahead of us because you believed in us, and you believed in our love. Here's to forever and ever baby! :)

Just so you know, I love you so so much!


happy monthsary sa inyo :)


Thanks! :)Sana magtagal kami till forever :)


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