Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I've always loved June, because its the time for weddings! :)

Last Saturday, we've attended the most exciting wedding we've all been waiting for, Sir Melan and Red's Black and White wedding! It might sound absurd to the traditional, especially Sir Melan's Mom who said "Ang dami-daming kulay sa mundo, bakit itim pa pinili mo!", but it definitely is one great wedding. Might just be one of the best I've ever been.

Miss Cherry and I were a bit hands-on during the ceremony and at the venue. She said that this is a great practice for my future. Nah, as if I'd get married this early. Not at least when were just building our relationship. :P But I was so touched when Miss Che told me, "pag ikaw ria from ur hairpin down to ur garter ako lahat PLAN !!!!!!!! pero gusto ko si MJ!!!! so be good kay MJ"

I never thought that boyfriend would have that impact to my friends. Now I wonder if it is my time to get hitched, I'm very much sure that they will all support me. It is so overwhelming because they all have wonderful words for him. Maybe I did good this time. :)

Back to Sir Melan and Red's wedding, I'm just so happy for the newlyweds. Not that I witnessed how their love story unfold, but because I know how much they value each other. Sir Melan even said that weddings are sacred for him and he wants to get married with the right person. And here's my cue to a neverending "awwwww" :P

Here's to your forever and ever newlyweds! I'm ecstatic for the both of you. Keep the love alive always! :)

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