Monday, March 22, 2010

Here's to the first leg of our roadtrip: Zoocobia!

Last Saturday, we went on this roadtrip with my officemate, Miss Rose, to accompany her for the ocular of Zoocobia and Zoobic Safari for our new product, WISE Savings Account, designed especially for kids. Part of the perks and freebies of the product are discounts to different kiddie establishments, such as theme parks, specialty stores, etc, and Zoocobia happened to be part of the pack.

By the pond

Zoocobia is located at Sacobia, Clark Field, Pampanga. Going there, you should make sure that you are armed with a map and via an airconditioned vehicle because the roads are still being developed during this time. Though already operational, the zoo will be having its grand launch this April. Entering the establishment, you will be welcomed by the pond and the geese that are bathing in it.

I had to let go of the bird feeds because their feet and beaks feel ticklish

See, Zoocobia isn't the typical zoo wherein you do not get to interact with the animals. For 20php, you get to be inside the huge lovebirds' cage, and feed them. Even kids are enthralled when the lovebirds fly into your hands. It would be ticklish because they swarm into your hand, but they just look so adorable!

Miss Rose's niece feeding the ostrich.

The next attraction would be the ostriches. Again, you could feed them, but this time, with gloves, because they might peck you too hard. The scaredy cat in me did not join the bandwagon. I was too terrified to go near the ostriches. They look so cute but they are bigger and they could run faster, so if they bite or something, they could bolt just like a lightning. And I just couldn't amount to that. The Birds of Paradise section also features different kinds of birds, huge birds that were actually out of their cages. You could also hold them, but you should really be cautious. I saw a different light of the bird family that day because of the tour.

Who doesn't love a good luge adventure?

What zoo wouldnt be complete without the usual display of snake, peacocks, monkeys and other animals right? But this zoo has the most different thing of them all, a LUGE RIDE. See, luges originated from Sentosa, Singapore and Zoocobia just happens to have them right here. And fortunately for us, we got to experience it for free! :)

To the barn!

The Alpaca looks so lonely.

Mom is so thrilled with the huge camel!

After the luge ride, where you get to stop at the lower side of the Zoocobia, you will be led to the Barn, where they have a huge display of different animals that are rarely found in the Philippines. They have the Alpaca, deers, a huge camel, miniature horses, sheeps and a lot more. And if youre lucky, one of their attraction is the animal show every now and then. Nothing's going on when we were there, but their animal trainer is practicing with the monkey to dance tinikling. So cute!

Monkey on training

Yes, they're feeding my friends. LOL

For 149php, you can see these and more at the Zoocobia Fun Zoo. Their guides even told us that you can also go to the Paradise Ranch, a nature trail beside the Zoocobia for free. Unfortunately, we didnt budge going there because its already 12NN and we had to go to their sister company, the Zoobic Safari afterwards.

So if youre looking for an unusual place to spend your summer and do something educational, go on a roadtrip with your family and visit Zoocobia. Who says learning should stop during vacation anyway?


Eds Llanes

Me, my husband and my 5 year old son are planning to visit this place. I just can't imagine how thrilled my son will be once he get into the place :)

Is this the same area that has butterfly garden?

Thanks =)


Hi Ms. Eds, yes this is the place where there is a butterfly garden and a nature trail park nearby. Hope you'd enjoy the place. Me and my did! :D


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