Friday, December 25, 2009

I dont want to explain for now. I just wanted to rant. I know that some people are homeless and they probably dont have food in their tables during the holidays, but I just wanted my Christmas to be happy but I got the opposite instead.

And the worst part is, I believed in him when he said that I will have a Merry Christmas. I guess its still the same old story. But Im better than this. I will not succumb to any more games. He may ruin this now, but I will snap out of it. Now that I have a lined up date after the Christmas break.

Im just glad I made the other phone call. That way it did not thoroughly dampened my Christmas.Suddenly, I felt whole again. That even though he's far away for now and visiting his parents at his province, he snapped me out of my loneliness. :)

And I will be better. If not this Christmas, there's still New Year's. And I promise myself that the first day of the coming year will be great. I will not be the yoyo anymore. And he will be very sorry for consuming my patience.

Happy holidays everyone. :)


We always bounce back. :)


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