Friday, December 18, 2009

I missed blogging.

Way back in college, blog seems to be the second best resort in shouting out my feelings aside from talking to my best-est friends. Now, I just have friends, the real ones, and my blog seemed to be neglected because so far, my life has drastically changed. It has dropped from one end to another, one minute its up, and before I know it, I am back on the exact place again.

Now, things have changed. DEFINITELY. I have been forced to change. I needed to prove everyone that the recent trials made me stronger. And it really did. I tried moving on. My support system were definitely with me all throughout my endeavors. And I'm just so grateful.

I've learned. But the thing is, my heart never stopped beating for him.

I moved on, but one gust of wind pushed me back to him.

I can never be sure what will happen now, but maybe, just maybe, we both deserve to start anew. Maybe we see our future with one another, and maybe we will spend our forever and ever, despite all the pain.


Three years, and still, it never fails.

Three years, and still the same old phase.

His friend Migs said that maybe third time's a charm..maybe...

But how will I know if I will not risk it.

I'm friggin' wonderwoman. And here I go again, just like Demi Lovato sang. :)

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