Thursday, September 03, 2009

Drip, Drop. Rain is falling again. It's September 4 and a typhoon is coming. Yep, story of my life. This and the other 23 birthdays that I had in the past. I really can't understand why I hate the rain eventhough it has always been a part of my existence. Mom kissed and greeted me earlier, then said, "It's raining again, right on time".

Got home at ten pm because Hon and I had an early celebration of my birthday at Bonifacio High Street. Since we got back together, I would always take a leave on my birthday, except today. Probationary sucks. But I'll be spending time with my lovely officemates anyway so I have no qualms over that. And besides, I have tons of work. Hon got me two Gossip Girl books, so I only have to buy the last one. Yay!

I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a birthday luck, but it definitely rubbed on me tonight. The usual traffic at Buendia is gone, going to Serendra is a breeze and it hadn't rained on me until were in Fridays. And yes, wi-fi is such a necessity. :P

Speaking of my office, I feel so spoiled. You know the little things that make you smile, our HR department tickled me in a good way. Kuya Jerry, our messenger, handed me an envelope with a Happy Birthday card inside. Yes, so much for being so mababaw.

So my wishes for another year, a really good health, a stable career, a more patience for my partner and for my family to be blissful.

Logging off now. Long day later. :)

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