Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ive been buzzing in and out of the office. Nezt week, I'll be going to Lipa for the Sales Activity that we've been planning for weeks. It is my first major project and it CANNOT screw up. I'd be damned if I did.

Filipinos in the province are so funny. Last time Ive been in Batangas, we had to see this guy who rents their tents for our car display. The woman pointed us "dyan lang yun, paglagpas ng Iglesia ni Cristo". We were supposed to walk going there, but we have our own service car and believe me, the area was so far. But we love our own people, no matter how wacky they are. :P


Speaking of the Lipa gig, this will be my first time to be alone in a hotel room. Yeah, it will be weird. Dimple insisted that I should bring a laptop. And I borrowed Hon's PSP so I'm kinda set already. :)

I'm hoping that the 3-day event be successful. And no more rain please. A car show should be sunny and preppy. So I'm praying really hard that it'll not rain. Or at least just be cloudy. After all, the proceeds of the event will be given to the San Sebastian Cathedral, so I hope it'll be swell.

Have to go now. Will be watching "I Love You Beth Cooper" while I'm still here in Manila. Zooming at you soon again.

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