Monday, August 31, 2009

In a few more hours, it'll be September already! Yay!

Yup, no matter how many bad memories these past few days and this year happened, I am still hoping for a lot of changes at the last quarter of all these. And as September approaches, I'm feeling upright on things to come. :)

This coming month might be one of those that I have many friends celebrating their birthdays. And relatives too, if I may add. I had special and not so special birthdays before, and no matter how that day might just pass on me, I am excited to be twenty-four. I dont know how to make it seem luckier, but the fact that my family is complete, my boyfriend loves me still, despite the fact that I am more of a pain in the ass, and my friends are there for me, is enough proof that I am born lucky.

September also marks my fifth month in my job. And believe me, its getting more interesting. :) Its like I'm yielded with all the good stuff so far. And I'll be nearing regularization. So there, more reason to stay positive.

Lastly, September means Gossip Girl's Season Three. (^_______________^)

...Happy Birthday Ri! XOXO.

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