Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How on earth could this be possible?!?

Up is probably the first animated movie that made me cry so hard, just in the first twenty minutes already. The story is about Carl, a 78-year old man who wanted to fulfill the greatest adventure of his life, as he promised Ellie, his wife. Their love story, started when they were kids, so I could very well relate. :P

Hon said that Ellie and I were similar. Probably because Ellie bullies Carl and makes him promise everything and insists him of fulfilling his promise. But they're so cute, and he loves her so much that he made everything Ellie wished for. Next to the Time Traveler's Wife and Harry Potter, this is one of the films that I really enjoyed. The plot is simple, yet ironic at times (especially how he could possibly carried the house! :P). The graphics are the best. Now I wish I shouldve watched in 3D. hahaha.


Birthday week coming up in a few weeks! I'm so excited to turn twenty four. Well, Ive always been excited of my birthdays anyhow. hahaha. But you know, it is special, and it gives me a reason to actually celebrate. :)

Jops, Karch and Ria, after seven years. :)

Speaking of celebration, I met up with Karch and Jops last Monday. I must say that I've really missed those two. Makes you wanna think about college again. And I'm just glad that I've met amazing people during UST days. Never mind the bad seeds, but the crowd that I've been with makes everything worth it. And I will never forget it for the longest time.

Next meeting will probably be after our birthdays, guys included na. Now I'm excited for that. hahaha.

Have to go sleep now. Goodnight y'all! :)

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