Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ive been home the whole day yesterday when its supposed to be Ninoy's Day. I wanted to clean my room and get rid of the unnecessary stuffs but I managed to curl up in bed and read The Time Traveler's Wife instead. Somehow, the movie made so much sense after reading the book. Like the movie, it made me cry buckets again. Dont fret, its perfectly normal for me. hehehe.

Today, I had to wake up so early to pay my brother's tuition fee at their school. BAD IDEA. I didnt know that the flood over Metro Manila has gone insane. So anyway, I had to go through the flood thing. I had a solid plan that actually worked for me to get to Point A until I reached City Hall. The only good part, the underpass isnt soaked, so I had a little help there getting to Lyceum in time for me to fall in line. If I had only known, I would've refused immediately. Its better to stay in bed again and watch The Hangover or do Gilmore Girls reruns again. Good thing I dont have ice cream with me or else you'd think I was pining for someone.

And yeah, all that boredom was caused by my boyfriend going to Davao. I don't know, this must be his second trip out of town without me, since we got together. It feels weird not to have an automatic date on a weekend. Now I know how my Mom must have felt everytime my Dad leaves for work in abroad.


Anyhow, Hon and I went to Market!Market! last Thursday to see The Time Traveler's Wife. After the movie, his jacket sleeve was so soaked with tears. My tears. I never cried that much since If Only. The fact that Clare could get a normal guy instead of someone who disappears now and then, is heartbreaking already. Rachel Mcadams continue to be very good in all her films. Eric Bana is such an eyefest. :P


Have to go for now and spend the rest of my "vacation", at home. hahahah. Yes, ironic.

Ciao for now! :)

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