Saturday, August 01, 2009

I am deeply saddened about our former Philippine President- Corazon Aquino's death. Not that I was a part of the revolution that she strongly fought for, now did I know how she battled her husband's death. She was part of history, our history that has been taught for so many years because she was the first female president of the country.

But all these time, I am looking up on her because she has the whiff of braveness in her. Like its how she is so humble, yet her personality is so strong. And during the last days of her life, the country has shown every single sympathy and I think it kind of binded us all again, to pray and care for her like we will do to our own mothers.

So for this, I hope she rested in peace and felt in her heart that she is well loved by people whom she set free and remember that history will never really be the same without her. :)

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