Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Once again, I must ask too much of you Harry"-- Albus Dumbledore

The sixth installment from the Harry Potter Series is my favorite book. When Sirius Black died, that made me sad. But as one of the characters is destined to say goodbye to Harry's life, it led me to tears.Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is Harry, Hermione, and Ron's Sixth Year in Hogwarts. This is also the time to determine their future professions as wizards.

But with Sirius Black's passing, it made Harry the Chosen One to defeat the Dark Lord. And to that, Dumbledore made sure that he learned everything to protect himself to defeat Voldemort. Dumbledore also taught Harry of Voldemort's past through the pensieve.As Voldemort put his life through the Horcruxes, Harry and Dumbledore made its way to find and destroy them. As their quest continues, Dumbledore had grown weak because of the horcrux that belonged to Marvolo Gaunt. As they got the third horcrux, the pendant, they went back to Hogwarts only to find out that Draco Malfroy has already led the Death Eaters inside the school.


The weird thing about the movie is there are just so many cuts from the book. Good thing the effects are awesome (most specially if youre watching in IMAX).

I cried at the end of the movie, especially when the Hogwarts' students waved their wands at the death of their Headmaster. It was probably the most touching scene. My most hated scene? Its when they LITERALLY made Harry stand and freeze while Snape shot the last of Dumbledore. Its like Harry could have done anything. If you could remember the book, it made so much sense for him to stand there. But in the movie, its just plain dumb.

But among the HP movies, this one probably is the best in terms of the effects. The scene with the Unbreakable Vow is just how I imagined it. Bellatrix Lestrange is still my favorite villain. Snape got more boring though, especially when he told Harry who was the Half-Blood Prince without any explanation at all. Stupid Sectumsempra. :P

Five Stars, so I expect the last movie to get at least get ten. hahaha. :P

Good thing the story is still good. Luna Lovegood is so pretty, btw. Hermione too. And I couldnt even start with Fred and George. Loved their store. What are they feeding these kids that made them so drool worthy anyway? hehehe. XD

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