Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round an Old Oak Tree..."-- I've always liked that song. It's old, yet giddy. And it's one of our favorite videoke hits in the family whenever it's fiesta time or someone is celebrating his/her birthday.

But today, I am very fond of seeing the yellow ribbons for the former President Cory Aquino. It feels so enlightening to see people making even a simple effort to pray for you, or in this case, tying yellow ribbons around Metro Manila. Just shows that she is well loved by many. And that my friends, is how proudly Pinay I am. That even if the country is in crisis, we still make time for the little things, but we never really know that these small things can actually attest to something great. :)


Right now, I sent my entry to win a Moleskin notebook. Do check to get a chance to win these babies. :)

I remember back then, when blogging wasn't a huge deal yet, I have these stacks of journals, and I used to scribble on them whenever I had a bad day or something exciting comes up. That's when I realized that I wanted to be a writer (Yep, just like Princess Mia). And I'm hopefully realizing that dream. :)


Have to say goodnight now. Be back tomorrow! Have a sweet dream fellas!

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