Saturday, July 25, 2009

Recessionista Fashionista Survivor!

Belle De Jour, the hippiest and fabulous lifestyle planner celebrated its third rendezvous at The Ramp, Glorietta last July 25 and I was so proud to be part of the lucky sixty girls who attended the event.

I was part of the first BDJ Rendezvous last year. And I thought the speakers were good, but this time, Belle de Jour exceeded my expectations. And they made it so fun this time, I couldn't stop talking about it (referring to my Facebook status). Surprisingly, I managed to be part of the early birds this time. Since the auction I organized during the morning went by in a flash, I headed to the fastest route known to Metro Manila dwellers, the MRT. Anyhow, since I was there at 11:45, our bingo cards were filled easily. It was even funny because we were actually waiting for the others to arrive and swarming over them even before they could fill out the registration form. But it was clean fun, Crossings was a good sport even though we were loud and all.

BDJ Girls signed away to complete their bingo cards

There were three speakers for the day, Ms. Frances Amper-Sales(EIC, OK! Magazine), Ms. Jean Madrid (Brand Manager, Selecta, Unilever) and Ms. Donna Cuna-Pita (Fashion Stylist and Writer, Phil. Star)

OK! Magazine's EIC talks about money making possibilities by blogging

As we have defended during our thesis in college, blogs are an alternative form of communicating. But today, technology has gone beyond our wildest dreams, thus, earning from a push on our keyboards. Ms. Frances Amper-Sales introduced the BDJ Girls to effective ways to earn from our blogs, and I definitely learned a lot from it. Before, my multiply and blogger blogs are just an outlet, and do I rant a million of times here. Now, her recommended moolah making sites just made sense for me to earn from freelancing or posting ads.

Yes, she looks young to be a manager right? An inspiring Ms. Jean Madrid :)

On the other hand, Jennifer "Jean" Madrid discussed about "Creating Your Unique Value at Work". Her out of the box ideals and her passion about her job motivated her listeners to make WORK worthwhile. And mind you, it was never a dull moment during her talk. I am personally moved when she told us to "make a mark in our jobs, that when you resign from your job, everyone in that company should feel like you're a big loss". I mean, this just happened to me recently and it just proves that I'm in the right path.

Ms. Donna continues to amaze her audience with her fashion flair, the thrifty way

Last but not the least, Ms. Donna Cuna-Pita did not fail to show her audience to be fashionable and fab on a scrimping manner. On my first BDJ Rendezvous, she was also the speaker about fashion and she got me laughing so hard while learning something. Today, I even got better. And she said that I could use the fact that I look young in later years, say, I'd look twenty in my forties. hahaha. I wish!

The best part of the event? I made a whole lot of friends. Met Tchel (for the second time!), Rhia, Tin, Ms. Cza and Ms. Rowena.

With fellow BDJ Girls, Tin, Tchel and Rhia

Goodies were also up for grabs. And again, let me say that I am not lucky in raffles and all that stuff, but I won something for a change. Hair Protein Treatment at Azta Salon. My only problem now is when to go. Ms. Kat said I could even get a new haircut while I'm there.

And the seatmates won the same goodie! With pretty mommies, Rowena and Cza

An afternoon filled with so much fun, excitement and goodies, only from the best planner in the world. More to come BDJ! Kudos to the third time success. And I hope to see you BDJ girls again. If I only look my age, I'll say you make me feel (young) over and over again.

Much Love!

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