Monday, August 03, 2009

The Filipino people had been in a very gloomy state. Since the beloved President, whom we all owe the democracy is now in her resting days, she will surely be missed by all. You know how we all felt proud about EDSA 1 because of her? They were all in our history books. We have to bear grueling nights memorizing dates of the revolution, the death of Ninoy Aquino, and how President Cory took her oath taking despite the dictator that was Marcos. And somehow, we even felt prouder that we could still see the person who is most responsible for us being free.

And that all changed in a rainy August 1, 2009, at 3:18 in the morning.

While most of us are in deep slumber, President Aquino, also slept in quietly and joined her husband, the hero who also fought for our country, in the noblest way possible.

Now that she will be laid to rest, she sure will be forever missed. Thank you for bringing back our country to peace. And thank you for forever fighting for us Filipinos. We are forever proud :)

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