Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank God for the Internet, I could already plan where to go, what to do, what to expect and what more to discover in Davao. And this is getting so exciting every minute.

S..okay, Ive never been to Mindanao. The farthest Ive been to is Boracay and I remember telling Hon at that time that I couldn't believe I'm at the Visayas again.

So expect me to say on Friday.. "OMG, I'm at Mindanao area today!"

My to-do list:

- Have fun
- Relax
- Discover Davao
- Experience New Things

Places to go to:

- Pearl Farm
- Crocodile Farm
- Eagle Sanctuary
- Eden Nature Park
- Camp Sabros Zipline
- Malipano Island
- People's Park
- Japanese Tunnel
- Samal Beach

I actually wanted to see Mt. Apo, but it might be impossible considering we only have three days and were gonna leave in the morning. So were gonna go hustle and bustle on Friday and Saturday (Yep, no resting after the plane ride) to go to the following places. And just maybe, Pearl Farm is too rich for us because their day tours are costly and you have to be there the whole day to maximize what you paid for (with the buffet and activities). So maybe we'll visit other beaches near the area or something.

And then maybe, we'll be feasting on these...

How I wish I could spend some more time there. Maybe someday, when I have the courage to ask for a week's vacation. hehehe.

I cant wait for my first summer escapade. :D I'm starting to pack my bags later. And sunscreen is a must, well, aside from the camera that I'll be bringing and my tons of stuff to add.

Later all! I just wish I could share my juicy news for now. :)

Nytienyt dearies!

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