Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!

It is the year of the Ox in a few minutes. Some say that your year and the current year will be of bad luck, but I dont actually believe in that. I can still feel that I will be lucky and everything I want will be in plan.

Like talking with Hon Hon about all the things were disagreeing about these past few days have been resolved already. And we both hoped that we wouldnt have the same fight again. We figured that were really both hard headed but that's how we are. Guess we just have to stick more for each other and stuff.

My Davao trip, on the other hand will happen. I am absolutely positive on that. Figured that I cant tell my Mom face to face without having to cry tears and blood so I texted her this afternoon (while she and Dad are away at Nova) and she said that "Galing mo kasi magpaalam, may ticket ka na pala". Well, for some, that would really be a bad thing, but she doesnt have a choice but to let me go, so there. Still lucky. :D

On my career move, well, I dont wanna say it yet because I really wanted for that to push through so I'll update in the coming days. If its positive, but please do wish me luck! :D

That and more, I am positive that 2009 will open a lot of opportunities for me. Since I am starting the year traveling, maybe I could somehow make most of the year doing that. But of course, I need all the funding I could get and the guts to tell my Mom I wanted to or needed to, whichever comes first. hahaha.

But for now, lets celebrate this coming Lunar year. It never hurts to do what the Chinese do right? After all, Im part Chinese too, thanks to Lola Rosario. hehehehe.

Enjoy the night guys! Again, Happy Chinese New Year! And may we all be lucky...

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