Monday, February 09, 2009

Last week, the farthest place Ive been to is Visayas. Caticlan to be exact. And Im still psyched because some people didnt have the chance to travel like I do. But last Friday, I have conquered Davao, sights, sounds and smell. And how I wish I could have stayed longer. :D

Day One:

Our early flight isnt the best moment of my life. I hate waking up in the morning and waking up everyone in our house just so I could get ready and be at the airport at least before 7AM. Good thing my brother volunteered to get me to meet Hon at least somewhere safe since its still dark outside.

After the plane landed to Davao International Airport, you could already feel that it is an exciting place. There are fruit stalls of pomelo and durian everywhere and the people are very warm, considering that you have only met them that day. Tito Mon and Tita Nena (Hon's Family's Friends) were like Mom and Dad to the three of us. After lunch, Tito Mon made us go with Kuya Junjun, Ate Lucyl and Fiona to tour the Eagle Center and Crocodile Park.

The Davao Eagle Center is paradise. No dull moment anywhere. Even if you could only see birds of same height or colors, the place is breathtaking, it is almost paradise. Kuya Junjun even said that a pair of eagles has the same mate for the rest of their lives. How cool is that. :D And even though it is raining cats and dogs, we still went through our visit

After the Eagle Center, we went to the Davao Crocodile Park. As expected, the large reptiles were so intimidating, my hands were shaking everytime I try to take some photos. Im scared that they might break their cages or something. Pangil was also there, their biggest and scariest crocodile. There are also snakes and other animals in the area, but Jon and I loved taking pictures at the statues of the animals. So grade school. ahaha.

After that, went to Belly's Grill to have dinner. We met Ate Weng there and introduced us to the super yummy foods of the place. Fried hito, Kilawin, Buttered Scallops and the infamous Chicken Barbeque. Well, of course, we have some of that in Manila, but tasting a part of the Davao delicacy is different from fastfoods and all.

Lastly, when we all though that were gonna call it a day, Kuya Jun Jun and Ate Weng invited us to go on a night out. She said that "minsan lang kayo pupunta dito, so dapat imaximize niyo yung stay niyo." We went first to the Grand Regal Hotel where one of their jewelry store was situated. After that, we went downtown and they tried that thing where you smoke out of the bottle that originated in India or something. I forgot what it is called, but anyway, they did use it. Jon also made a friend, Kuya Junjun's barkada named Mark.

When they all thought we were getting bored with our drinks, Ate Lucyl dragged us to go on this videoke place. They also saw the Mayor's son pa. hehehe.

Day Two:

Since we got home at two AM already, they let us sleep some more until 8. LOL. But seriously now, we are heading to Samal Island. But before any of the swimming stuff, we went out first to buy gifts for our family back in Manila. Aldevinco Shopping Center is an amazing site where colorful shawls and bracelets were located. And they are all cheap too! I personally loved the shawls because in Manila, you could get one for like a hundred and fifty pesos, but in Aldevinco, you could get it at their cheapest price.

Then we went to People's Park. Too bad we cant get in because its cleaning time and wont be open until twelve noon. So we just took pictures outside, for the heck of it. hahaha. And then, to Magsaysay Fruit Stalls to buy durian! Okay, so I never thought it wouldnt be that bad. I mean, based on accounts of people, durian smells like hell and tastes like heaven, but it didnt annoy me at all. Even the crocodile stuffed toy Hon bought for me at Crocodile farm smelled with durian because I left it in its plastic for like 5 minutes, but I still hugged it when I slept last night. hahaha. :P

After shopping, went to the pier so we could get to the ro-ro to get to Samal Island. Trivia: Samal Island boasts of clean water and white sand. White, because the sands are made of limestones.

So reaching the Isidro family's resthouse, we thought it was heaven. Their house is huge (and one of the most beautiful beachfronts Ive seen) and they have this spacious garden. And that house is also in memory of their son who met a fateful accident near the area. Lucky enough, the weather is calm and not so sunny that we enjoyed dipping in the beach for so many hours. Hon and Kuya Junjun saw this blue starfish and made this kid get it for me. Now its dead, and I brought it home. Bad. :P

Videoke-fest were also the theme for the night. Jon got drunk that he started talking like a man. But I got so annoyed I asked him to shut up several times. Though, he didnt. He just did when I slept already. haha.

Day Three:

Again, an early wake-up call from the Isidro's because we couldnt miss the boat to the city and we couldnt miss our plane. :P Went first to bid our goodbyes to Trichelle and Ate Weng then off to buy pomelos! Sadly, they were not in season (actually, almost all fruits are! Sad) but we bought some anyway. Good thing they still taste good so we all bought one boxes each.


So that highlighted my Three day Davao Trip. And still (and forever) will be thankful to the Isidro Family for the warm accommodation, transpo and foods, Jon for somehow taking care of me when I feel bad and taking so many pictures I could never imagine I'd get for a three day trip and to Hon, for introducing me to the Isidro's, the plane, and for being exactly who you are. Love you so much. :D

Next trip... well, I havent planned one yet. But Cebu's on my mind. hahaha. :P

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