Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I need one. I feel so sick, well, I am sick. If I could just leave work for one day to rest, I would most definitely be delighted, but then, its just colds and cough. Argh. Im hoping it wouldnt lead to fever because I feel bad right now. And I couldn't expect anyone to take care of me. Sad.

See, its like this. Cough and Sore throat is acting up and wanting to pull tantrums somewhere. Luckily, it saw its victim, namely, Ria. Colds just wanted to impress Sore Throat, so he went it for a ride. Then Fever went lonely that Colds, Sore Throat and Cough hang out together so he also joined the bandwagon. So poor Ria now is sick, in desperate need of whatever fluids she could take, and in so much longing of my bed. Seriously. I feel so miserable. Ate Judith offered me chocolates this afternoon but I had to resist because my throat will sore. Dammit!


I'm loving my Tuck right now. Gossip Girl's 16th Episode can finally be downloaded so I had it installed in it. So later, I actually plan on watching it. At least a consolation for me being sick.

My goddaughter Avi will be celebrating her birthday on the 17th, so that means I couldn't go to Enchanted Kingdom with the officers since I promised Nina to be there, 4PM sharp. Plus I love Avi. You see, when she was still inside Nina's tummy, I sort of helped her in any way I could. So I feel as if I have an important role as her ninang. hehe.


Lately, I have been addicted to the Diner Dash game. It kind of contributed to my being sick now. See, I slept late last night so I could finish Level 10. But I couldn't. So I went to bed, exhausted, more sleepy and frustrated.

Got to go now. I'm running out of time to do things. I wanna rest but I don't wanna take a leave either. Bye now!

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