Monday, May 05, 2008

While on my way to our house at Novaliches to go to our family outing, I passed through our elementary school. Sadly, my school was phased out already. The structure is still there, but the school-y feeling is already gone. The grounds that we used to eat lunch at or hang out is already dilapidated. Ate Lynn's store is nowhere to be found. The old library is better off unentered. LMHMC today is nothing but history. A past. My past but will never be forgotten.

Rewind to elementary, Ive experienced everything a kid has to experience. Her first achievement, her first crush, her first heartache, first being bullied experience and so. Even though I was crying everyday because of this classmate who bullies me every single day, elementary days was my most memorable childhood experience. Life in Montessori was never dull. I met my beloved teachers, that would have influenced me to take up Journalism. Ms. Cerdino was never an adviser, but the way she taught us English, giving us 20 new words as assignment per week made me love books and feel strongly through writing. Now I wish that I could have the decency to thank her for that.

On the other hand, Ms. Mel Tulio, was more of a friend than an adviser. She lets us know that we are not foes. That her discipline was merely lessons to set us for the real world. She even lets us call her home to just talk. I remember one time when I asked her about this guy who confessed that he likes me. She never judged or told me I was too young for it. She just understood.

Now I feel as if I don't wanna see what happened to Montessori anymore. Its not because of the memories, but its not really fair that it has been a void now.


Yesterday, the Casem clan went to Bulacan to have the annual outing. Just that is has been a long time since we bonded with each other, and it happened yesterday. Will post pics tomorrow. But the place isn't really enticing. I mean, the pool and the crowd isn't what Ive expected. So, nothing really exciting, just the people I'm with. LOL

Anyhow, I finally reached my quarter-life crisis sensitivity last night. I was crying at Hon for nonsense things and getting panicked about our future. Like getting scared of the way were gonna raise our future family and all that. Yeah, it may be childish, but I'm really freaking scared of it. After all, I'm already twenty two. And I need to focus on my goals now. Or maybe I'm just freaked out of the possible happenings in my life in a few months. That is, if I get accepted or something. And everyone knows I always hate leaving my comfort zone.

I just hope everything goes well.


Maam Kit's babies are celebrating baptismal and first birthday on Saturday! Will be held at EDSA Shang, and the whole CCD will be there. I'm so excited. And I'm gonna see Maam Kit again. I never thought I would miss her already, but you know, she's like my Mom here, and I'm used to hearing her voice or something like that.

Muah! GTG.

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