Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm still sick. Yes, I still bark. Really bark. I bark so hard to confuse jeepney passengers whether its coming from the man seated beside me, or from myself, a petite girl. That's how confusing and loud it is. But I'm surviving. And it really didn't stop me from doing some tedious activities. LOL.

Anyhow, my weekend doesnt seem like a week-END at all. Last Saturday, the CCD team had to go to Shang to celebrate Ieuan's Bday and Ivana's Baptism (Maam Kit's kids) at Fish and Co. I fairly enjoyed eating on a frying pan. haha. Sorry naman sa first time. Makes me wanna open up a diner or something. And I was addicted to Diner Dash pa, so that was a nice concept. So after the party, I thought it was too early to go home, so I went to my favorite Divi and bought not one, but FOUR headbands. Waah! I feel so addicted to it. Or shall we say, Blair's accessory. (yeah, so when we went to Mass yesterday, Hon wouldn't let me buy one again. He said I have so many of them already. KJ!) Sadly, on the way home, I was soaked because it rained and I forgot my umbrella. Nighttime came, I was, again, so hot with fever. And that made me so frustrated that I just did our scrapbook.

Speaking of that scrapbook, I have to finish it before our anniversary. yikee.

Yesterday, after going to Quiapo for mass and look for Ichigo 100% DVDs (which, if I may include, I scour a great find of FOR ONE MORE DAY DVD. Yes, the one from Mitch Albom's book and was produced by Oprah Winfrey!), went to SMSL to watch Iron Man. The movie is sooo great. Honestly, I don't enjoy superhero movies that much unless its Spiderman, but this one found me saying stuffs like "woah" and "cool". Words that I don't normally say except for Harry Potter movies. hehe.

But really, watch it. So amazing. I just wished Gwyneth Paltrow had a lot of participation in the movie. All I could remember was her getting busted sneaking into this other guy's office and well, her sexy back in that long gown. Damn!


Mother's Day yesterday, but didn't spend it with my Mom. Wanna know why? Because she left her kids home. Wanna know where she went? Two cities, Cebu and Bohol. Who says our family isn't cool? I have a Dad who is trekking the whole world and circling the globe while working and a Mom who travels a lot, FOR FUN. Okay, I'm just envious. I know, I shouldve been thankful that at least I went to Bora already, but hello? she didn't even want me to go anywhere. While for her, she could almost point to a Philippine map and tell everyone that "I have been here" with a condescending tone. Okay. I'm frustrated already. But I love her, I just wish I couldve been with her while she is enjoying the Mactan Cross, or the dried mangoes or the danggits and the chocolate hills. Sad.

Gotta go. I have another busy weekend coming up. Well, three busy weekends if I may add. Totally jampacked. Avi's Celebration os Saturday, our town fiesta on Sunday, Anniversary weekend next week, and the Belle De Jour Rendezvous on the last weekend. So I'm really wishing I'd get well already.

Ciao! :D

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