Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I can't wait for tomorrow..

I really really cant wait..

Yes my dear friends, Hon and I are turning TWO tomorrow. Surprising as it may seem (especially for us) that we are REALLY REALLY going this far, we are quite overwhelmed about the ecstatic reality. Seriously now, the fights, the tears and the drama, it was all worth it. I could never really look for a greater boyfriend than Pat. Like even when I wanted to stay away from him, he never let me. Because he knows how miserable we'd both be without each other. So I am guessing this is really for keeps.



Updates, Updates:

My dearest goddaughter Avi celebrated her party last Saturday. Saw college friends like Michi, Brenti, Daisy, Mother Earlie, Icy, Karlo, Camz, Marlene, Kate and Jenny. We were even planning on another get-together. I really hope I could come since theyve decided to do it on a Friday night. :D

Town Fiesta was also fun because Brent is around. He invited himself to go to our house, which we gladly accepted. Then we toured the vicinity. He even wanted to go to the other side of Tondo and look at the other people, but since it is a jeepney ride away from us, he didn't budge me on going.

Maam Kit finally went back to work yesterday. And I am really happy about it. The team celebrated her welcome during lunch when we all ate together over bucket meals. Then we would also be going out next week since I'm not here on Friday. Perhaps a videoke party or such?

Lastly, I will be on leave on Friday. Hon and I will be going to Batangas for a last Summer Trip. Apparently, were not over beaches yet that we still have to go for another dip before more typhoons visit the Philippines. Plus it is a way of celebrating our Second Anniversary. So excited!

Gotta go now. Love yah lots! :D

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