Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meet the original Blair Waldorf. hahaha. I'm just kidding.

I was looking at the picture frame beside my PC and looked at Hon, his Ate Grace and my picture then something struck me, that I have been a Blair since I was three. Do check out the large ribbon on top of my head. Yup. I just noticed that I love headpieces when I was a kid. And now, it is really making a huge comeback. Made especially by Leighton Meester. :D

Anyhow, I'm just thankful that my boyfriend understands how I sometimes obsess things. Like the headband fever or my addiction to Gossip Girl. I know its kinda childish, but I love how they look and I feel as if I could pull it off. hehe.


This week has been so hectic. I have an on-going layout project for our new high-end line of program, plus the reports I have to finish, buy Avi's gift for Saturday, actually showing up at Avi's party and our town fiesta. I'm also supposed to cover the Jollibee Kid's Day or something for our company but the schedule is in parallel with our fiesta, so we'll see.

Maam Kit will be back on Monday. As much as we are all overwhelmed, I feel a bit sorry that she has to not spend more time with her kids. The workaholic boss that she is, couldn't leave her staff hanging so she has to cut her leave short and be back with the gang. :P


On the other hand, Hon and I might go to Batangas for our Second Anniversary. Since Galera might be stormy and wavy, I wouldn't want to go on another freaking two-hour boatride again. SRSLY. Hence, we just thought of a resort that would require us to ride a bus. No hassles whatsoever. He just wanted a beach getaway so it will be a different anniversary for us. Unlike last year when we just went to Starcity and had dinner at Tempura. So its kinda exciting. :D

I have to go. Will be meeting Hon in about an hour. Lovey'all. Muah!

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