Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dear Hon Hon,

Before anything else, I just wanted to wish us a


I totally forgot that I used to write love letters to you back then. But technology has taken its toll on me that it made me not use a simple sheet of paper and a pen. So now, Im pouring it here and so brace yourself. :D

Thank you for the wonderful two years. People thought we would never make it, because of the bloody fights and the grueling drama that we shared. I myself could not fathom how much this means. I am rooting to forever, but you know, time might change that I could be away from you, so Im wishing that would never ever happen. As for now, I am loving my life with you. Youre a boyfriend rolled into one. And that I would be forever grateful that I did not pass an amazing guy. That in how many times I give up, you never did let me go. You never made me feel unimportant. You actually make my fantasies within reach. And you always encourage me to do what I wanted. And you never failed to make me happy. THAT REALLY IS SPECIAL.

I hope that someday, the future will be for us. You know, the simple life that we always wanted to have. Yung tipong lima yung kwarto, apat ang bathroom, may home theatre at may pool. hehehe. I know that we have to work so hard to reach our dreams. And although we dont always have the same ideals, you never made us feel so indifferent. I just hope that you would never grow tired of me, because as you know, I have long waited for us to be together.

So with all of this, I raise all glasses, mugs, or tumblers to us, for a wonderful second year, and many many many more to come. I love you so much Honey Pat. Muah! Muah!

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