Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last night, FC Christmas Party was held at Jade Palace. Why a series of firsts? Here goes:

1. Was my first time to design a stage. Kinda became the party planner and stuff. I am not usually hands on these kinds of things plus there are 200+ employees of the company, by which will decide if the stage was cute or not. haha.

2. The first time Hon's camera bailed out on me. After taking like a hundred pictures already, the memory card incurred an error, thus, no pictures from the cam to relinquish the night. Good thing I have my trusty phone (VGA, but uber clear pics! Yay!) and the whole FC staff to take pictures of my performance.

3. The first time I won a singing contest. After years of joining singing contests, its either my voice is not powerful enough to move the judges or I'm plain bland. But this night, my partner and I are raring to win the rut. It was kinda my momentum and no one could stop us both. And the song was THAT powerful to let us win FIRST PRIZE! I am sooo overwhelmed.

Now if you see me in the hallway, they now congratulate me. One even made Bukas na lang Kita Mamahalin the "Song of the Day". How freaking cool is that?!? Oh and one of my bosses is the Star of the Night! Congrats Sir Melan. :D

Good food and good companion. It was a really fun night that Sir JAAC, our President even gave an extra 15k for the three contests. I have so many moolah already. ROFL. XD


Also had our exchange gift yesterday. I asked for a pink flats within the 300pesos limit, my Secret Santa, didn't have time to go to the mall, so he gave me 1grand instead. hahahaha. Scored two in one night!


Since there are many absent people today, due to lateness of the party yesterday, our operators are absent. I got the chance to sit at the lobby and answer calls. Now I know how call center agents feels. And it isn't even a half of what they do. Especially stressful when you have a splitting headache. Argh.

What do you know, I got home at one am, why? because I didn't go home immediately. Would you believe that Divi's Night Market is still open at twelve? Weird.

So there, two days of excitement. Gotta go. muah!

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