Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Because of our company party, I wouldn't be able to go to Paskuhan tonight. I couldn't see the fireworks and I couldn't freaking see Jam, Nina and Brent altogether. Its either Nina and I or Brent and moi. I feel so depressed.

Since I couldn't go there, no one said about going there prior to that date right? So armed with whatever I have in mind, and a good excuse to Nina for being late (though it isn't really an excuse because traffic was WAAAAY BAAAD!), went inside the Main Building to meet Nina and her family. And I have to gift Avi, my goddaughter, her Christmas Present.

After her Civil Law Idol Contest, was engrossed by the huge presents beside the Benavides Monument a.k.a. Lover's Lane, went cooing with Avi and looking at the dancing lights up the Main Building's Cross, took a lot of pictures at the giant Christmas tree and passed by what used to be called Colayco Park (I think its called Roxas Quadriangle now, Im uncertain about it. LOL)

Fun night. I just hope we'd be complete again. Love yah friends. :D


My partner and I are collaborating today. We have to practice three songs for the contest later. But it is supposed to be fun, not serious. Though I think he and I are getting along well, albeit the worst things Ive heard from other people about him. haha.

I dont know how to get home later. It'll be to late after the party. Plus, I dont really want Hon Hon to send me home while he will be going home late as well. Mom couldn't fetch me since there's no one to drive and my Tito is at Nova today. Oh well.


Kstin is wanting to go to Pansol for the Xzeno get together on Saturday. Because Sofitel is fully booked already, we have to settle on other plans. Some have confirmed, but like myself, her plan is too sudden. I just hope my Mom says yes to it.

I have to go decorate the room at Jade Palace today for the party. OB na naman ako. LOL.

Hafta go. luvyalotz.:D

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