Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When we were still young, we loved to believe that Santa Claus will come in our house, when midnight strucks, check if we have been naughty or nice, tiptoe inside our house and place his gift inside our hanging socks.

At five years old, I thought I could see Santa Claus put the Mickey Mouse watch Ive been asking my parents for so many months already. When my Mom asked me to sleep, I stayed awake because I wanted to catch Santa putting his gift inside my striped socks. That morning I was asked my Mom a lot of questions how the gift I asked for was already inside my socks when I haven't seen him drop by. She said that he got delayed because the reindeers got the directions of our house wrong. LOL.


Now that we've grown up, gone are the days when we should expect a gift or two. Because if you do, you're already lucky that some people have thought of you special to even put your name on their lists.

Last night, I was touched by one segment in Noypi. They asked this kid to pretend to get lost and ask the people living in the sidewalk if they could give him a place to stay. How thoughtful it is that they provided him shelter and food and even volunteered to find his mom. And there was this guy who even insisted on giving him the last piece of food he is eating.

Fortunately for us, even though there are poor Filipinos, we never fail to give our whole to the people we love the most. Life may be rough on us a lot of times, but we strive hard to forget the hardships even for a while, just to feel happy. And that is the best spirit we could ever feel not only this Christmas, but for the whole year.


Went to Divi yesterday to shop for our Company Party's stage decorations. Imagine being there at 4:30 PM and arriving at the decorations shop at 5:30. Bloody heck! Hon Hon was even tired of walking. But the nice thought was, Ive seen something I have been eyeing for days there, for a really really low price. I would probably go back after I dispose my old one. Uber excited. :D

When I got home, Mom helped me do the decorations so I would just have to bring it tomorrow. I wanna cry already. I have to practice with the obnoxious guy later, go to UST to see Nina's performance and finalize the decors today. Hope I could still live. huhuhuhuhu.

Gotta go so I could release the health tips for my email blast. 'Later. :D

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