Friday, December 21, 2007


Open Letter:

Dear Hon Hon, We both know that the past month have been a little too hard on us. You leaping a big step out of your comfort zone brought us to frustrations and so many trials to speak. But I wanted to thank you and commend us both because we chose to stick with each other. I hope we'd get back to the nook and stay there, because we both know were made to be together. :D Love you so much.


Will go to Makati later to meet Hon Hon. Because I got the prize money from the contest, we will be having a feast today and do my last minute shopping for a gift to give to my Mom. Or maybe we could go find Mercie and look at the bazaar we went to last week.

LRT sucked yesterday. Also felt stupid because I dragged an officemate to go with me at Taft Station. When we got there, the announcer said that there was a technical problem at R. Papa. Hence, we were forced to ride a jeepney. But since everyone also rides the same thing, I dragged him to MOA so we could have the fx there to Lawton. Stressful adventure. Promised myself I wouldn't force anyone to go home with me anymore. ROFL. XD


Maam Kit talked to yesterday about being the apple of the eye of our Company's president. She said that Sir Jun was happy the way I sing or even I walk. Maybe he thinks of me as a kid or something. ROFL. But then, I don't really have so much to complain because I am flattered to be one. Coolness.

Its our last day before Christmas Vacation comes. Am so having sooo much fun right now. Got so many gifts. XD

Have to go. MMuah!



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