Saturday, December 22, 2007

Being in an All-girl school makes you have a lot of instant gurlfriends. Not only that, you are not that intimidated by men because you know hon to mingle with all of them.

Last night, Hon and I had the chance to see my gurlfriends again, and my best boy buds. I'm so happy that we've finally get the chance to be complete again. And I'm so ecstatic because Kstin had the chance to fly back to Manila from New Jersey. It just feels sad because Tats couldn't come with us. Though she promised to come here at her birthday. Yay!

So there, met at Starbucks RobPlace Manila, Xzeno time again for some people (meaning an hour late! Grrh), circled Adriatico Area (because JN couldn't remember where Clubbers is located, got my first taste of beer but followed with a whole lot of Iced Tea, and danced the night away. Thinking about it, I am not used to going to bars. Maybe because I'm not a night person. I'm kind of like the reading, sleeping kind of girl. I don't give a damn if some people might think of me boring because I don't drink, but this is me. I have my reasons. And what doesn't degrade me wouldn't hurt right?

Seriously, I missed the gang. It has been almost a year since we've had a reunion. Plus this time, we are more complete. Plus, they're the kind of people who really knew me well. To the extent that they fought with me when I was having guy problems, school panic attacks and all. And now, I'm glad that most of us have become great professionals now. Bien even had her pregnancy and being a land flight attendant. Nice.


Earlier, Hon and I went to MOA to have lunch and his interview. He got in already! Super galing! I'm uber proud of him. Then went to the World Trade Bazaar because Hon's friends- Migs and Diane- has a stall there. Saw Chynna Hortaleza because she also sells there, and some Channel 7 stars have booths there. But I'm not really into it because I am so loyal so ABSCBN. LOL. :D

So there, bought gifts that Kstin could bring to States for her and Tats. And I bought the UST shirt Ive been eyeing at Multiply. Then went straight to Robplace to kill time and meet Xzenos.

Ive got to go. Too sleepy to write some more. Nytie

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