Monday, December 24, 2007


Since were minutes away from Christmas, I just wanted to greet everyone a merry, prosperous and loving Jesus' Birthday to all!

If I were given one of the few Christmases, this one would be a bit happy and sad at the same time. Because our Dad is not in the country right now, it would feel incomplete. But that doesn't mean it would have to keep our hopes down right? Whats important is that we have each other and loving each other more every year. Awww..


This will not be a very long post since I am feeling the clock ticking to twelve already. Plus I have a schedule which was ruined, about minutes ago, but I have to stick on my mindset right now. Like I really have to stay positive about it.

Sad lang because the whole family's going to Starcity at the 26th. And we have work that day already. And I'm not allowed to take a leave, or something. Maybe I'll just meet them or anything. But above all, I'm still happy because the Casem Clan will spend the night here. Yay!


Again, We wish you a MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love yah guys! :D

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