Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm posting resolutions as early as now. LOL...

1. Stop binging- this is really hard for me considering that family loves to eat and office mates can swallow a chunk in five minutes. Peace. :D

2. Save up- My allowance is bigger than what I get from the office. JOKE! Seriously, I need to save up so I could buy the lappie I wanted or the Ipod that's been reserved to me already. Or even a new chip for our Magic Sing. Problem is, when I already have money, I don't buy them anymore. Weird no?

3. Read more books- I have like gazillion books still untouched. I buy books almost everytime we go to the mall, but they're like stocked at my bookcase. But they're a good investment though, I just hope I would have time to read them. LOL.

4. Stop procrastinating- Do you have like a day when you feel like bumming and end up not having any work done? Or you keep on telling yourself that you're gonna do this thing but eventually, you are not in the mood for it? I have experienced that, a LOT OF TIMES. And the results are gory. I don't even wanna look. harharhar.

5. Go places- Not just physically but also career wise. Let's just say that I am HAPPY with my current work, but sometimes, I love the rush of things. I wanted to try the unpredictable scenario where you actually have to cover an event or write because you are born with it. Or even being in the limelight and having to help other people. I need change. And I need to do something out there. (Dr. Bailey mode. LOL)

6. Travel- This year has been blessed with a LOT of travel opportunities. Since I met Sai and Jen, we were able to go anywhere we like. Plus, having Hon Hon with me even made it a breeze. This coming year, I plan to go, feel, see, touch and hear different spots to make me feel really at home. I thrive to ride a plane again. Or wait for the sunshine while cruising. I love adventure. Definitely a mind-blowing experience of a lifetime.

7. Do things people never expected me to do- It doesn't mean drugs, alcohol or something, but I feel as if I have always been in my comfort zone. Like when I cut my hair short this year, people have commented or was surprised that my uber long hair was gone. But I'm not planning on cutting mine yet, I need to wait. So what I meant about doing things people never expected me to do was like to bungee jump or water ski, do rappelling, go snorkeling, or just like last night, I tried the new ride, Star Flyer, at StarCity, and it was one heck of an adventure. I didn't even closed my eyes because I don't wanna miss the thrill of the ride. So kewl.

8. Collect memories- Imagine dying people, waiting for their time to go to heaven. In relative to this, I plan to seize every moment possible, because memory could back away from you. My journal is foolproof of every recollection of the day. But since I started my, or our scrapbook this year, might as well follow another one.

9. Trusting people- I admit, this is the hardest and toughest resolution I would ever have. See, when it comes to the big T-word, I follow this rule: Give a hundred percent to everyone, but when disappointment comes to close, it eventually loses up to the brink of it. And because I have been disappointed a lot of times, I lose hope in people, that trusting them would be the biggest mistake I would ever do. So now, I'm trying to have them into clean slate, give them the benefit of the doubt and start over again. And I promise to start with YOU, because I love you.

10. Love myself- Its not about vanity, but its all about respecting myself and my beliefs. Sometimes, I tend to push my feelings away just to please other people. But I wanted to be tougher, to stop crying when its time to stop, to start believing in the things I need to believe in, to love as if there's no tomorrow, and to break free from the hurts of the year. Again, this is tougher than being said, but in the process, I know I would be able to make it.

...And they say promises are made to be broken? Maybe, maybe not. Though I'm still hoping for the best. And a good year ahead.


Christmas had been fun. Mom, Lester and I went to church early. After the Homily, Father asked the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. The tingles went up to my spine. I don't know, it just feels magical.

During lunch, my Titas and Titos aren't at Manila yet, so my Mom allowed me to excuse myself to go to Hon Hon's place. Went to Ate Grace's house and played with Mico. Had a sushi feast too. Yum! Sad because Sophia was sleeping until we left to go to our house.

When Hon and I got to our house, the Casem clan was already there. We had our gift giving and a magic sing marathon. Bezzie also went to our house afterwards. At twelve, I was already sleeping. When I woke up, Tita PIn told me that they were still up at 3AM singing. Sinamantala nila na natulog ako para ma-hog ang mic! ROFL. They know they couldnt use the Magic Sing when I'm around. Plus they're having measly points compared to my 90+ scores. Hahahahahaha!


Yesterday, I took a leave from work because Mom asked me to come with them to StarCity. We were there at 5pm and the place is packed already. I was tasked to babysit Edmund so he could ride the kiddie stuffs. But I enjoyed it, super makulit lang talaga siya. And he was scared to go to the dark places. Even Land of the Giants. ROFL.

When he was already tired, asked my brother and two cousins to ride the new roller coaster, Star Flyer, where you would be inverted as well. At first, we thought it was THAT SCARY, but after trying it, I must say that it was more enjoyable than Space Shuttle or Zyklon Loop. They even put back the ride where they will spin you while you're standing. I forgot the name. The whole family even went to the Ballet Show. *frustrations*. I wanted to study ballet when I was a kid. I remember having to do pirouettes and stuff when I was younger. But my Mom didn't enroll me in one. She made me do swimming lessons instead. *gaah*. Oh, Edmund and I went to Snow World. He was fascinated with the ice sculptures. It was different from this one attraction they had before because you could slide on this one. And you could take a lot of pictures, unlike the the latter. Super family fun! :D


I have to go already since I have already summed up the adventures I had during then uber LONG break. Another one's not due for a day, plus we'll have the New Year's Toast at the office tomorrow. Yay!

Bye and Cheers to y'all!

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