Friday, December 28, 2007

This marks the last day of work for the year. Hopefully, a new career path would blossom on the forthcoming year.

As an employee, I must say that I have been blessed to have another year in my company. Lets just say that I have grown in the business. I may not be good in their numbers, but performance wise, I could say I did well.


This morning, Maam Kit gathered the whole team and congratulated us for a job well done. Then she commenced Alex and I because the team still went dynamic even when she was out for her maternity leave. Its very rewarding when your efforts have been recognized. And heartwarming at the same time because you know you did good.

As for this coming year, CCD has definitely a lot of good plans since the projects we have started became THAT fruitful. And I am definitely psyched because we have a good lineup of what's in store for the following year. Yay!

Will celebrate New Year's Toast later. It has been tradition in this company to gather altogether and welcome the following year with champagne and overflowing foods. And today, it would really feel complete because our team is bigger now, and we've got lots to celebrate.


Ive been catching this big fish on the internet. Sadly, there aren't schedules yet. The last time we went there, we have witnessed sparks from America. I don't know, maybe it'll be open this January or something. I am sooo excited already. Yeah, I'm talking about this. I don't know, this is one tradition I wouldn't dare miss.

I'm also excited to use my 10% off at All Flip flops from my Belle De Jour Planner. Hahaha. Well, that is, if I could find a design I would really love to have . rofl. But I'm not one of them yet. Maybe when I could find a really nice one, I would reconsider. haha.

I have to go get ready for the toast and all. Catch y'all later. Muah! :D

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